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World Cloud Show revolutionises the way businesses harness technology. Join us in Jakarta as we embark on a transformative journey, bringing together global cloud leaders and tech innovators to meet with decision makers from enterprises and government agencies in Indonesia.

Discover cutting-edge advancements in cloud technologies and their transformative impact on Indonesia's digital economy. Engage in insightful sessions, dynamic keynotes, and real-world use cases that provide actionable insights for driving business growth.

Unlock your organization's potential with scalable, secure cloud solutions. Connect with tech executives, experts, and tech innovators to foster collaboration, drive success, and ignite growth in Indonesia's digital landscape. Join us at World Cloud Show to embark on a remarkable journey towards technological excellence.


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Professor Kisworo is a prominent well known IT expert in Indonesia. He got his PhD in Computer Science from Curtin University, Australia in 1993. Currently he is elected as the member of the Board of Governors of the National Research and Innovation Agency. He is also the Independent Commissioner of ID FOOD, the holding company of food-related state-owned companies in Indonesia. Before he was the Independent Commissioner of Telkom Indonesia. As an academics in computer science, he has a substantial experience in the cyber security area as he is often become the resource person on the cyber security talks. In 2015, he was assigned as the special expert in cyber defense at the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Indonesia.

Marsudi Wahyu Kisworo

Board of Governors,

The National Agency for Research and Innovation, Republic of Indonesia


Darmadi is a seasoned IT professional with over 27 years of invaluable experience within the automotive industry. His expertise spans across both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, covering a wide spectrum from manufacturing to sales distribution. Over the course of his career, Darmadi has navigated the IT landscape, evolving from a technical engineer to reaching management levels, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to professional growth.

Wilbertus Darmadi


Toyota Astra Motor


James leads Technology, Operations and Corporate and Supplied Services across PT Bank HSBC Indonesia and is leading a team of circa 400 colleagues and driving transformation across the bank. He has been working with HSBC group since 2007, prior roles include Country COO, HSBC Qatar; Deputy COO, HSBC Turkey Commercial Banking; Area Director for Business Banking in Western and Wales Region UK; Senior Strategy Analyst, HSBC Global Commercial Banking; Acting CFO, Regional Insurance HSBC Middle East and North Africa; and Project Manager, Business Transformation Asia Pacific. Currently, as Operations and IT Director (COO).

James Elwes

Operations and IT Director (COO),

HSBC Indonesia


Andang Nugroho is cybersecurity expert with 25+ years of experience in multiple industries in Indonesia: oil & gas, public utility, banking, capital market, insurance and healthcare, in both IT operations and cybersecurity functions. He is one of the first in Indonesia to obtain prominent and global cybersecurity certifications, like CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) and CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional). ISC2 is the global certification body for highly sought after CISSP and CCSP, and Andang is doing what he can to raise the interest and awareness for cybersecurity, and bridge the shortage of cybersecurity skilled resources.

Andang Nugroho


ISC2 Jakarta Chapter


Samuel has over 17+ years of experience in Banking, Payment Company & Fintech. Domain expertise in Legal, Compliance, Risk Management, Data Protection, Cybersecurity Risk & Internal Audit. Prior joining NobuBank and DigdayaTech, Samuel was CRO MNC Financial Services, CEO Modal Anak Bangsa, COO FM Payment Gateway, CRO Paytren Group, and CRO BluePay. Samuel have successful experience as a Risk Management, Audit & Regulatory Compliance Director on Digital Banking, Sharia Banking, InsurTech, Securities Crowd Funding, Fintech Payment, Fintech Lending, Venture Capital and Fintech Capital Market. In addition to control work, he also have strong knowledge and awareness in Business Acumen.

Samuel Mulyono

Cyber, Data Protection & Product Risk Assurance Group Head ,

PT Bank Nationalnobu Tbk (NobuBank)


Alexander is a visionary Data and Analytics leader with 17 years of experience, kick-starting his journey at Citibank Indonesia in 2005. He is a versatile expert in customer analytics, consumer insights, research, portfolio management, and retention strategies. Alexander excels in translating data into actionable strategies that drive sales, innovation, and service excellence. With experience spanning telecom, retail, insurance, and banking, he brings a unique perspective to strategic planning and project management. Renowned as a seasoned global speaker in Data and Analytics, Alexander seeks senior roles in data, analytics, marketing, and strategy development at the APAC level.

Alexander Martinus Christian

Head of Data & Analytics,

Sun Life Financial Indonesia



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Driving the Cloud-centric Data management
Modern data warehousing & analytics in the Cloud
How can data centers achieve hyperscalability and ultrascalability
Best practices for Metadata storage & management
Data decentralisation & democratisation in the Hybrid Cloud


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